I work with product and design teams, startup founders, nonprofits, and agencies on projects that range from designing and testing prototypes to bring new products to market, to training teams on human-centered design and product development. Additionally, I specialize in training teams on introductory design research and integrating behavioral science into product development.

Product Management, Product Design, and User Experience (UX) Research

Create a product and service experience your customers will value. I help my clients with product management, UX research, interaction design, UX design, content strategy, service design, branding, data analysis and storytelling.

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Talks & Workshops

Level up your team by bringing my training and coaching to you. I lead tailored, private talks and workshops for teams looking to train up on topics including Leading Design Sprints, Design Research Methods, Designing a Better Hiring Process, Designing for Machine Learning Products, Designing for Behavior Change, Designing for Social Impact, and Sales Tactics for Design Leaders. My workshops leverage an experiential learning model, with detailed case studies, interactive activities, small group discussion, and tailored feedback. Additionally, I lead some of my most popular talks and workshops at select conferences worldwide. Some of these include:

Behind the AI Curtain - Designing for Machine Learning Products
When startups first launch, they can make the news with application of cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) - but convincing users to trust the AI is often another story. This session covers three key principles for how design and data science teams can work together better to build greater trust among users. Additionally, a case study on how a design and data science team partnered to redesign predictive analytics scores powered by machine learning will illustrate those principles in practice.
Bias, Uncovered - Applying Behavioral Science to Product Development
Are you ready to confront bias? In this interactive session, you’ll be challenged to uncover your own cognitive biases and explore how understanding them can help us design for the behaviors we encounter every day. You’ll learn about three particular cognitive biases, their applications in the real world, both in technology products and organizations and outside of the technology industry.
Build a Better Hiring Process with Design Thinking
How do leading organizations hire effectively? Hear how one hiring manager used behavioral science research insights and human-centered design principles to uncover pain points and opportunities in the candidate journey, facilitate a co-design activity to paper prototype potential solutions, and create a more intentional and fair interview process. Whether you're looking to lead and build out your own hiring process, or you're job searching and want to hear a hiring manager's perspective, this session will help you learn best practices from leading technology corporations, startups, and consulting firms.
Zero to Test - How to Run Your First Beta Testing Program
Beyond getting out of the building and talking to users, some of the most valuable insights you can gather come from putting a prototype in a user's hand and learning more about how they use it over time. In this workshop, we'll cover how to sell the idea of beta testing to your manager or your client, how to integrate qualitative and quantitative UX research into the design and development lifecycle and best practices for working effectively with client success/account management (for B2B) or user support (for B2C), and how to draw valuable user insights from beta testing feedback.

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"Effective human-centered design is fundamentally about listening to, understanding, and solving problems for someone in need. Crystal's ability and initiative to implement human-centered design in a fast growing organization of 100+ people across multiple departments demonstrates that she can not only help organizations build more meaningful products, but also change organizational cultures and processes to value human-centered approaches."
- Momo Ong, Product Manager at Facebook

"Crystal assisted our team as the UX design lead to develop our company’s flagship product, Real Talk. As an early stage technology company, Crystal’s experience and skills were invaluable for turning our prototypes into a reality. It was clear she did extensive research and carefully thought through design decisions, which meant she asked all the right questions and consistently aligned her designs to our priorities, needs, and goals. In addition to her talent, Crystal’s enthusiasm made it a delight to tackle our design challenges."
- Cristina Leos, President and Cofounder of MyHealthEd

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